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Unleash your Power

Can you name 10 strengths you are naturally good at? They hold the secret to you being the best version of you, the framework for creating a powerful high impact leadership brand; the method for consistent outperformance. We call it Strengths based leadership. Now imagine how powerful, effective and motivating this would be for any team who became aware of not just their strengths but that of each others. They become a motivated and highly productive team. We call this Team Strengths Strategy. 

The fact is businesses need to be more productive, teams more aligned and individuals more resilient during disruption and change. Or, think about the times when one has to make big strides in critical entrepreneurial activities like starting a business or growing one's business volumes or Sales. What we sometimes miss is the simple truth is that individuals and teams work best when they are playing to their strengths. Instead we focus on what they are not good at and try to fix it. 

Think about it. You will notice a surge of happiness and positive energy when you do something you love (at work or play.) When leaders do more of what they are good at, with skill and balance, they will lead yourself, their teams and their organisations to successful outcomes every time. They then become true catalyst. Here is a short video. Not perfect - but you will get the message I trust. 

See and Feel The Difference Faster


The power of the Strengths philosophy can be experienced by the end of the first coaching session. You will find a step change in your confidence level as you grow your conscious awareness of your unique set of talents, which can make you stand out in the crowd and help you build your leadership brand.


Through training and practice, you will begin to consciously play to your strengths every day of your life, in a way that it is experienced by your teams and stakeholders, with perfect balance.  This is really important, as too much of a particular strength can be a weakness at times.  Over a period of time, you will learn to outperform on challenges and be known for your strengths based leadership approach and brand.  


This is a fantastic approach for nurturing winning teams and instilling the true spirit of diversity and respect, whether your teams collaborate virtually, or in person, for short term projects, or on an ongoing basis. In addition to raised motivation levels, organisations will significantly improve their success rate by investing in strengths-based team coaching sessions.

Team/ Group: Play to Your Strengths Workshop

Purpose: A highly cost effective foundation workshop that provides a strong understanding of the principles of strengths-based performance, raises self-awareness on natural talents and provides insights on how they can raise their game by playing to their unique combination of strengths. Includes debrief of Clifton StrengthsFinder tool brought to you by Gallup.


Key Topics:

  • Understand your Strengths Report and top 10 Talents.

  • Raise your consciousness awareness on how these are showing up for you and others.

  • Raise awareness on unique natural talents of your team members

Team/ Group: Strengths-based Team Coaching

Purpose: Strengths Team Based Coaching is a unique and highly effective intervention for teams who naturally work together on a day to day basis or are aligned to projects. This is fun and always aligned to experiential training. We go beyond self-awareness and personal strategies to recognise the strengths of team members and identify a team strengths based strategy.


Key Topics:

  • Review and understand each team member's natural strengths, edge and power

  • Analyse Team Strengths on domains of Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking

  • Develop strategies to collaborate with a cross section of unique talents


Individual: Discovery & Strategy Session



Purpose: The world’s best entrepreneurs share something in common. They have mastered the art and skill to consistently put to good use their talents, and by doi g so have created a powerful personal brand which is effective and inspiring.


Begin this journey by participating in a Strengths Finder Assessment debrief session. In this session, you go beyond self-awareness of your top natural talents to developing personal strategies to play to you strengths.


You will experience an immediate confidence in your ability to outperform on any work or life challenge.


Key Topics:

  • Understand your Strengths Report

  • Raise your consciousness awareness of your natural talents and to what extent you are using your top 10 talents

  • Learn to consciously apply your talents live by developing a bespoke Action Plan for any current challenge.


Be careful; your strengths can become your weakness
Individual: Strengths Advanced Bootcamp

Purpose: It is not cognitive learning we offer out of these sessions. It is to get you to consciously play to your Strengths –  time and time again. With positive outcomes each time.


In these sessions, you will get the chance to carve out your personal Leadership brand and identify 3 personal strategies to live the brand each day.


You will truly learn what it means to ‘play to your strengths.’


Key Topics:

  • Understand your Strengths Report and your Top 10 natural talents

  • Develop your personal Strengths based brand

  • Practice the three step success formula by Gallup Name it- Aim it-Claim it.

  • Consolidate your personal strategy to be a Strengths based Leader


Are you and your teams playing to their strengths with mastery? 

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