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Bringing you the best elements of coaching, consulting and mentoring

March 15, 2017

Executive Life Coaching at The Collaborators brings the best elements of coaching, consulting and mentoring. What does that mean? And, how is our approach different from traditional coaching, consulting; counselling; sports coaching; or mentoring? Do read on. It makes business sense.




Consultants are subject matter experts in certain fields. Coaches are essentially experts in Coaching Processes. In addition coaches can be SMEs in other topics as well. We have expertise in strategic  HR topics like accelerated Leadership Development, Organisation Culture and High Performance consulting. In addition we bring our expertise in the powerful ‘core energy’ coaching process and ‘strengths based’ coaching techniques.


Consultants are often hired because they have some possible answers on how to fix a problem or design a solution. We help people find their own answers through the use of tools, techniques and insights from all areas of expertise. You will find yourself making powerful choices reframing your challenges even uncovering  choices which were unseen before. We will per agreed terms stay by your side, encouraging and supporting you to implement your action plan successfully.


Therapist generally are there to fix personal problems, heal emotional wounds, sometimes manage mental illness or addictive habits like drug abuse. As time progresses lines between psychotherapy and coaching may blur however as of now we do not work on mental illness or fixing anyone emotional challenges. What we do however is look at the past to release blocked energy, challenge assumptions and re-frame existing limiting beliefs. We will work then focus on how you wish to build your future.


A Mentor is often described as a role model who has ‘Been there done that.’ At the Collaborators we will at times empower you with new ideas and possibilities from our own intuition, knowledge and experience, however those will just be part of many other choices we uncover with you. This is a shift from some traditional coaching schools where coaches do not share solutions. Whilst we will share our ideas, the path you choose will be bespoke to you through techniques we have mastered.

Perhaps all of us have heard of Sports coaches. Whilst professional coaching takes its roots from Sports coaching, there is a difference. Sports coaching  helps a person break a performance record and compete against someone else in a win-lose scenario.


In our coaching we first help you define what is your unique definition of ‘winning’ irrespective of what it may mean for others. This is your life. You make the rules and the goals. We then empower you to meet them by playing to your strengths.



We look forward to collaborating with you on your journey to success and a life of abundance. If you are curious, we invite you to sign up for a Complimentary session or jump straight into reviewing our Offerings.

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