CBA presents Africa and a curious mind

October 3, 2018

What is CBA?

In the CBA (Coffee Break Academy) series, I am curating a few of my favourite talks, reads, videos, podcasts from diverse fields - the common link - they make us think - feel - act different. This is the basis for change and personal growth. When our brain (front cortex) experiences new and interesting ideas/ data points it fires off electric discharges that have the potential to create new ideas/ challenge the status quo and remind us we are all learners. Each topic presented to you is entertaining, thought provoking and perfect for a coffee break. It is connected to the work I have done or I am doing and I will share that with you as a short introduction. Enjoy!



Introducing today's topic - a TED presentation on Africa by George S.

My experience of having coached and mentored Women in Africa for 4 years through the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and The Aspire foundation was a symphony of give and take. I learnt so much about a new culture and the hardships of a developing nation juxtaposed with what we face in UK and India (two countries I have lived in) These women lived and worked in different parts of the continent - Benin, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. There ages ranged from 30 to 55 and they worked in Corporations, NGOs, Hospitals. They were diverse and yet they all reminded me of how resilient, diverse, brave and determined women are in making choices - and that with a little help from their friends their growth trajectory is exponential.


This video presentation is visually appealing which drew me to it and also I salute the curious mindset of the presenter - the #1 mindset for growth!






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