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Are you ready to take action? Check out what Energy Leadership can do for you.

April 5, 2017


As a person who has coached, trained and mentored more than 300 leaders and helped develop high performing teams across 25+ countries; I ask you…does your team know the science behind what can energise them infinitely? Are they aware how they can influence their stakeholders by mastering their own energy levels? Do they know the secret sauce for achieving outstanding results in less time and less stress?


Do you..?


Welcome to the world of Energy Leadership.


A concept introduced by my fellow coach and founder of the Institute for Professional excellence in Coaching (IPEC) Bruce Schneider. Through decades of research, he and his team developed an insightful framework which answers all of the questions above and more! By using the Core energy coaching process and a thought provoking tool, people are able to hold up a mirror to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviours and blind spots, which, in turn helps reveals choices on how to develop a leadership style and brand that is authentic and yet aligned to today’s disruptive era.


Have you met people who seem to have the ability to attract people, events and circumstances that support their goals? Have you personally felt that you can see the bigger picture and in fact are able to help create that bigger picture? Have you felt that you are able to lead yourself, your teams and your organisation, almost effortlessly? 


Well, this is exactly what people who have been coached using the methodology feel. I am a trained IPEC coach and I can totally vouch that this is true. Not just through the journey I see my clients take but also through personal experience. As I ‘trained’ myself to get ‘certified’ I learnt, applied and practised the learnings guided by master coaches. It is worth every minute and penny I invested.


One of my clients recently said; “I now truly understand that each moment, each thought describes who we are, and gives us the opportunity to decide if that’s who we want to be.”


You see the question, is not whether we are ready to transform…? It is, do we know how to transform in a deliberate conscious manner? It is not whether you are a high performing leader who has signed up to a leadership development initiative…? It is, have you chosen an approach that is suited to today’s explosive environment?


Personally I think Leaders of today require more than the leadership workshop of yesteryears.


Following multiple years as a coach, mentor and trainer, I have collaborated with Sabiha Mustafa (ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, MS SCC and Founder of LEADEX, an Executive Coaching company based in France) to design and launch a state of the art leadership event on December 8, 2016. We know this is different in approach, design and style. The approach is Energy leadership, the design a cocktail of workshop, assessment, strategy session and 1:1 coaching; and the style incorporates the best of training, coaching and mentoring.


Sounds incredible, huh?


I’m so very excited about this event because of the promise it holds!! And it’s such a bonus working alongside Sabiha and my lovely team Martha C and Hannah L. We are all booked and ready to take delegates who are ready and excited about the sound of this, if this is you, and you’d like to know more, please do send me a message, comment below or find out more on my website.

The workshop is being held on 8th December in Nice, France. Be prepared to make drastic changes in preparation for a successful 2017.


Who’s with me?



Reena Dayal an upcoming author, Leader Coach, Mentor and Trainer based out of London and New Delhi with a global track record of 23 years working in the Corporate and NGO sectors across 20+ countries. Her company ‘The Collaborators‘ specialises in working with high potential talent, Business and Community Leaders, Teams and Organisations who wish to accelerate Performance, Growth and ride the Transformation wave.


You can contact her direct on

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