Retirement or redundancy.

Time to take stock. Re-energise. Reframe. Live Free.

Life transition points retirement or redundancy don't come often in life, and when they do there are many things to consider.The conversation often is around financials - we suggest a different approach. Begin with asking 'what and where' and then tango with the 'how.' After all it really does not matter if you have money if you are not living your dreams and excited to be alive each day.

Here is a rapid fire questionnaire that might be more revealing than you think. ​There is no report - you don't need to be told anything. Just reflect on your answers and you will know if there is something you need to approach this critical life transition point differently.

  1. Which of these emotions dominate your time when you think about the future?

    1. Am blank​

    2. Confusion

    3. Stress

    4. Excited

    5. Hopeful

  2. What kind of a lifestyle would you want?

    1. Relaxed​

    2. Active

    3. Mix of both

    4. hmmn...not sure yet...need a holiday first!

  3. What is your current state of energy level

    1. Burnt out

    2. Tired

    3. Low energy

    4. Quite galvanised

    5. Full of energy 

  4. Which of these feelings do you experience most?

    1. Anger​

    2. Unknown lurking fear 

    3. Excited

    4. Frustrated

    5. Happy

  5. What would you like most in your next life stage?

    1. Be my own boss 

    2. Give back to the community

    3. Mentor youngsters

    4. Lots of free time doing nothing

    5. Travel

    6. To be decided...need a holiday first!

We get it and to make the most of your precious time, we recommend you explore the 3 options below. And, perhaps you would like to compare notes with the transition story of one my pre-retiring clients? If yes, please leave your email here. We will also send you a free article on Advanced Meditation as a thank you and to wish you well. 

So, for the 3 options please follow the visuals below. Thank you.

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