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One-to-One Coaching Sessions


Available to individuals, these powerful, tailored and personalised coaching sessions take a focused look at your issues with one, or a mix of processes and tools, such as Energy leadership, Strengths Based Leadership, Action planning and freestyle coaching tools. 


Sessions will comprise a mix of face-to-face coaching and Skype-based sessions. 


Each session will last for 75 minutes, with a minimum of two-week window between them to enable you to practice shared coaching techniques and implement set action plans.

Team and Group Coaching Sessions


Team and group coaching sessions are offered to raise productivity levels, appreciation of individual diversity and deploy a Strengths Based strategy to gain mastery on consistent outperformance. 

Solution can range between 2-3 days, spread over 2-3 months, during which time teams will be shown how to design, implement, review and fine-tune their unique winning strategy. One day awareness building workshop is also offered to raise team alignment  and motivation. 


Workshops, Keynote Speakers, Panel Discussions, Webinars


  • How can high potentials (Key talent) in Corporations accelerate their journey so that they can be a master Visionaries in today's disruptive era?

  • How can High Achieving Functional leaders transform into powerful CEOs?

  • How can entrepreneurs lead themselves, their teams and organisations with more clarity and creative intuition?

  • How can you achieve outstanding results in less time and with less stress?

High engaging and interactive sessions are offered based on the key insights of the book, The Brilliance Quotient and various coaching case studies.


Want to take away something to review offline or share with colleagues?

How We Help Teams


Powerful, effective and inspirational workshops are available to organisations, based upon Energy Leadership and the Strengths Finder. These standalone workshops raise awareness amongst executives and get them started on their journey towards becoming powerful and more effective leaders.  We help you develop with a strong energetic presence to enhance your influence and help you drive motivation within your organization and effect lasting change.


These workshops can be seamlessly aligned with our one-to-one sessions, enabling participants to accelerate their coaching experience, securing impact in a tailored, personalized way.  Together, the two options will bring immediate and positive returns to an organisation’s bottom line, while boosting employee engagement to create a virtuous circle of employee effectiveness and increasing efficiency.

Workshops Provided

Play to your strengths

Half to one day workshop

Key Outcomes:

Gain knowledge on the psychology of strengths; Raise awareness of one's unique personal brand; Identify strategies to play to individual strengths

Strengths Based Team Coaching

2 - 3 days workshops


Key Outcomes:

One day workshops outcomes plus

raise awareness on team strengths profile; Define and implement a Strengths based strategy

Energy Leadership Foundation

1-2 day(s) workshops


Key Outcomes:

Gain understanding of the Energy Leadership™ model; Explore default thinking patterns and a new mindset; Experience personal breakthroughs

the East meets West Leadership Summits 
How We Help Individuals


One-to-one coaching is a powerful tool and a great choice to make if you are looking at enhancing your returns on investment in coaching, whether monetary, or in terms of time and effort. We offer a menu of options to choose from, or can provide bespoke sessions.

On Demand Free style Coaching

Purpose: Sometimes business executives just need that extra help to address a sticky situation or overcome a personal challenge. They may need a confidential sounding board who can be the mirror and guide them through a temporary challenging phase. Or it might be that they may wish to take stock of their life and identify how they can develop their leadership capabilities one step higher.


Designed to work with you using freestyle coaching techniques and proven tools these sessions will help reveal your current status of satisfactions on various facets of your life as a leader, and the powerful choices you have to address current challenges.




Purpose: An energising all encompassing journey where over six to 12 months we will put the insights from our ELI and StrenvgthsFidner tool. You will practice proven techniques and experience the benefits of playing to your strengths consciously. You will gain an insight into how you can align your actions to your values, and will practice the art of shifting energy levels in the moment to exhibit, and on an ongoing basis to build a powerful leadership brand and become an ideal leader in all aspects of your life.


Below are samples of a few of the investments that you could make to improve yourself or your company


Please contact us for more details and to learn your executive coaching cost.

Individual Packages

Energy Leadership Foundation

1 x 90 Minute Session

Key Outcomes:

Energetic Profile and Energetic Stress Report debrief.

Energy Leadership Bootcamp

1 x 30 Minute Orientation

4 x 75 Minute Sessions


Key Outcomes:

Energetic profile & Energetic Stress Report debrief. Identify powerful choices to overcome live challenges.

Bespoke actions plans and implementation reviews.

Leadership Brand Foundation

1 x 90 Minute Session


Key Outcomes:

34 Strengths debrief. Deep dive 10 strengths.

1 x 30 Minute Orientation

4 x 75 Minutes Sessions

Key Outcomes:

Detailed debrief of full 34 Strengths. Define and apply strategies using dominant themes. Come up with an action plan minimise to address lesser talent themes.   

Freestyle Coaching

1 x 45 Minute Orientation

Key Outcomes:

Identify choices to address the problem or opportunity.


1 x 45 Minute Orientation

10 x 75 Minutes Sessions

Key Outcomes:

A rich combination of Freestyle coaching, Energy and Strengths-based Leadership. Master the art of high performance and be the leader you want to be.

Leadership Brand Bootcamp

The Brilliance Quotient

The Science and Art of Leadership in an Unpredictable World
25% of royalty proceeds goes to St Jane's Charity taking care of HIV positive and abandoned children
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