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From the regions which is now recognised as India there arose an ancient teaching called Ayurveda which was passed for centuries from word of mouth till it was documents about a few 1000 years ago. It encompasses life and universe truth which are hidden in the texts through symbolism, stories and legends. Buddhism which also sprung from the same region is a more younger belief system is well documented and has been followed by various Eastern countries forming the genesis of location traditions and studies. Christianity born out of Europe forms the basis of story of Christ and the Old testament of the Bible contributes to the  foundation of Islam and some other religions. All religions are equal and one might say  have a common message but said it different ways. What we are here to do with our practice if offer you different views points and perspectives from Ayurveda and Buddhism that offers you to supplement and accelerate your journey of becoming higher evolved beings.


As part of our collaboration process, we will cover a few key concepts, frameworks and principles from both these ancient practices which have their root in India. They are powerful triggers  that invite you to raise self awareness and begin to consciously answer a range of questions from what is my life purpose? how do I live my life purpose? what is my vision as leaders? to, how do I address my current challenges and stress points so I can make better decisions for myself, my teams and my businesses. We will supplement this by offering you guidance on some practices of meditation to get you started on what you might choose to be a life long journey as you begin to see its benefits in your physical - mental - emotional - spiritual growth. This will be backed by what modern studies are revealing about this ancient practice and how it can be life changing for us as human beings in our evolutionary journey and in becoming extraordinary visionaries in an unpredictable world. 

Concepts, frameworks, principles from India
Overview and practice of Meditation


Purpose:Meditation is a practice of creating a space which slowly encompasses how we view, experience and live our lives. Science and experience of 1000s of years has shown it is life changing and mind altering. 


Approach: We will intertwine its messages and practice into our customised packages - a sample of which you can find here. Our aim is to accelerate your journey in adopting this practice through the following key topics:-

  • The Science and Art of this practice

  • Tranquility and Contemplation

  • 3 minute 3 Step method  

  • Breathing - Sound - Body Scan

  • Body like a rock 

  • RAIN Exercise

  • Kindness Compassion

Stories and concepts from India


Purpose: It is true in the Vedic period more than 4000 years ago life teachings were passed from one generation to another through spoken words. It was later passed on through the written word, visual art  and more recently through moving pictures. The subject is huge - we will begin the journey by introducing you to some concepts and stories that have huge meaning.  

Approach: We will intertwine these into all our sessions related to Energy Leadership. Our aim is to intrigue your mind with new perspectives this accelerating your personal growth. For a deeper experience we welcome you to participate in our Indian Retreats - click here to explore 

  • Vedic

  • Ayurveda

  • Buddhism

  • Jainism


Do you know what is your purpose of life? Are you living it?

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