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Challenge your own status quo

Leadership Coaching Retreats, India

Our travel partner has over 30 years experience

For centuries the Indian subcontinent and her mystic wisdom has drawn people from across the world. Whilst techniques like yoga and meditation are gaining swift global popularity the delivery is lacking in depth and context. 

Recognising the emerging awareness we are offering an experience that will last a lifetime - the Indian Leadership Coaching Retreats. In addition to experiencing the healing benefits of yoga and meditation you will be drawn into powerful local experiences, conversations and wisdom of the land. The context and depth will seamlessly unlock new ways of thinking, ignite your higher consciousness and help you develop your unique energetic presence. 

All this whilst you are on a lovely holiday for a week at stunning locations in luxury boutique!  In group size of less than 14. Make connections and become part of an exclusive community.  All for less than £2600 on double sharing basis, excluding flights; including board, lodging, classes, therapies and unique experiences* 

In 2019 we have an exclusive call out for two pilots at cost price. Don't miss it. 

Stunning choices - which one draws you?

Kanyakumari (South India)

March 2 - 10, 2019

 Feel your mind-body relax, detoxify and de-stress as you experience the magic of an Ayurveda luxury Spa and ancients customs.

Proposed Plan


Kanyakumari (Lonely planet)

Dharamshala (North India)

March 13 - 21, 2019

Situated on a hilltop, a few hours from the residence of the Dalai Lama, this is the perfect place to unplug and energise with mountain walks and monasteries.  ​

Plans being finalised

Dharamshala (Lonely Planet)

Join us with yourself, your life partner, your business associate, your friend - this is an exhilarating experience.
As you nourish your mind - body - soul, you will note an immediate significant shift in shift in well - being, confidence, peace, balance, clarity and focus. You will walk away with more energy and a sharper view of the bigger picture of your life.  Not to forget meaningful connections, maybe even a few new friends and life long memories. 

Number of days

5 nights/ 6 days at location.

Additional 2 days entry and exit points in and out of India.

Add on tours can be arranged  - by our trusted  travel partner. 


Special introductory price at £2600 on double sharing £1800 on single occupancy

All activities, transport, board and lodging included in the price point, excluding flights - international or domestic (where applicable)

For those who wish to experience both we can organise your stay/ travels in between at a special price. Make the most of your trip to India!

Change the way you live your life forever

"Often people go for amazing experiences and then find that after a time the 'transformation' impact grows weaker. This is natural and we have developed a formula that will make sure you will not only fully benefit from this experience you will enjoy it to the fullest. A year of indulging yourself in some serious hard work and exotic holidays - whats not to like?  

You are welcome to watch the introductory video and/ or read the suggested plan below put together with my travel partner. 

P.s. Okay so this was my first ever recording on video so  focus on the content :) Speak soon." 

Reena Dayal - your host, curator and lead facilitator

Phase 1: Residential retreat, 'Dhyaan'

A high impact retreat where coaches work with participants in the many 'coachable moments' curated through exhilarating experiences.


Key outcomes: 

  • Build your status, resilience, and gravitas

  • Unlock energy and reduce stress

  • Make powerful decisions with intuition

  • Explore the source and path to influencing others and challenging situations  

Concepts covered: Energy Leadership™, NLP/ Gestalt/ CBT, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation

Phase 2: Virtual Coaching, 'Karma'

A series of virtual coaching sessions and webinars aimed to sustain and embed new thinking patterns and behaviours while achieving results in chosen goals.

Key outcomes:

  • Achieve goals using new thinking patterns

  • Explore hidden and unknown choices

  • Engage and influence teams strongly

  • Build a new energetic presence

  • See positive impact on health and stress


Additional concepts: Gallup StrengthsFinder tool, AIM SMART plans, Coaching skills

Phase 3: Residential Retreat, 'Drishti'

An exhilarating residential retreat aimed at sharpening your idea of a powerful visionary and living a higher purpose. Create connections for your journey ahead.


Key outcomes:

  • Stretch your mental capacities further

  • Reveal opportunities within disruption

  • Connect the dots and the bigger picture

  • Fine tune your strategy to be a Visionary

  • Practice techniques to sustain momentum


Concepts covered: Advanced techniques of Energy Leadership and self discovery

Yes, you can also choose to join the journey at any stage.
Lets chat and decide what works best for you. No hard selling. This is serious business of developing powerful visionaries.
We will find the best answer for you.