Check mate your limitations. 

Play to your Strengths. 

How would you answer the following Questions?  

  1. How self aware are you of your natural strengths (not learned capabilities)?

  2. Your confidence level regarding your strengths and how you can stand out in the crowd? 

  3. Your level of surety regarding your career path and direction?

  4. Your level of surety that your career choice is aligned to your natural abilities?

If you felt your response was high to very high on all the questions above, you are in a really good place and we congratulate you. In face we are so impressed we would love to hear more of how you have done so well. Why don't you answer the Survey and Reena will feature you in her future blogs. Click here to tell your success story 

For those of you who would love to find of a way to get an answer to these questions and be more confident, less stressed and more strategic in your career choice and how to stand out in the crowd, we have a smart easy solution for you. Available over the next few months, taking us less than 2 hours and costing less than what you spend on a weekend, sign up for the Career Strategy Masterclass Webinar. Read below..

The Collaborators UK Ltd presents


Essential 90 minute webinar to galvanise the future of Graduates. Students. New Hires. Start-Ups 


More than 4 decades ago a research on different speed reading techniques was conducted with over 6000 students. At the end of the research the organising team realised that there was not one technique that stood up over the others - all of them were equally good in raising the students reading speed. However, they noticed something else...something that blew their mind! The group of students who did not like reading raised their speed from 90 words to 250 words a minute, and the group that liked reading jumped their speed from 350 words to 2900 words a minute!! For the next three decades the team worked on the hypothesis that if people identified their natural talents and 'trained' themselves to use it appropriately their performance could exponentially grow. Thus was born Clifton Strengths-finder online assessment which is used by millions around the world to:-


Discover a personal brand that stands out in the crowd

Strengthen personal confidence, productivity and performance levels

Make powerful career/ work project choices


In this online masterclass you will be coached by an international Coach on five key topics

  1. Help you quickly understand your Clifton Top 5 Strength-finder Reports to avoid confusion and maximise effective use

  2. Raise your personal awareness on whether you are overusing or underusing your top 5 natural strengths

  3. Make you aware and help you overcome the psychology that is ingrained in us to 'fix the problem'

  4. Guide you to how you can choose projects/ careers/ activities that plays to your strengths

  5. Share ideas on how you can further develop this amazing art of consistent outperformance

This is a science based working masterclass not a motivation talk. 

Career Strategy Masterclass 

Early Bird Offers. Why would you miss this chance?

Curious to know more? Build a customised solution? Lets talk. Contact us below.

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