"The Brilliance Quotient is simply a must read for high potential, key talent and top performers!"


Kathy Tuccaro, Author, Motivational Speaker, North America

"Leaders buy this book for yourself and your teams, discuss it with them and learn to practice it. Then watch the profound transformation that you, your teams and your organisation will undergo."


Giovana Vega, TEDx Speaker, Forex expert, Europe

UK only: Launch Season special price £10/- with £1.75 for UK postal delivery.

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Here's What You'll Discover From This Amazing Book:

  • Key levers to enhance your leadership game: Its the the age old 80: 20 rule. 20% brings about 80% of return. I have worked with over 500 senior leaders and high potential talent and if there is one thing that is common in them its there determination to develop themselves, push the bar and maximise their potential - and they are good at it! However its a  busy landscape of self development especially in the area of leadership! Backed by two decades of hands on cutting edge leadership development practices and ancient wisdom this book identifies 8 key levers to accelerate your leadership capability and capacity. 

  • The science behind default thinking patterns: Because, brain science matters.  As the brain develops it creates neurological pathways that control most of our reflex behaviour patterns. You experience it day to day without realising it. The people you like, how you react to diverse circumstances, the choice you make when you feel challenged etc. However, with this amazing energy efficiency model there comes one downside. A downside that could result in us feeling inexplicably stuck. Or, us being unable to break a habit. Or, leading to increasing stress. Once you know this science you will be able to make more powerful choices and decisions and achieve breakthrough results. Crack the code here. 

  • How to develop and trust your intuition: Be a visionary who disrupts the market place. Intuition is misunderstood word at best, hocus-pocus at worst. Its not deja vu. Its not sixth sense. Its a highly developed ability which when trained and sharpened can give any person an advantage. To think better, to connect the dots better, to be more creative, to be able to see patterns and ideas before others do, to be able to lead themselves, their teams and their businesses as a true visionary. The key is to be able to train one-self and it takes hard work - but surprisingly once you begin the returns are enjoyable and the process even more exciting. 

  • The secrets to consistent out-performance: The key word being consistent. Everyone (well almost) has moments or phases of performing really well, even out-performing. But can you predict performance and replicate it without the need for motivational talks? Is there a scientific proven method  to ensure leaders and teams identify in specific ways what makes them outperform - individually and as a team? Is there a code that once cracked will result in individuals and teams winning outperforming and can use it to replicate success each time? Yes. Yes. Yes. 

  • Reframes to key levers in the business landscape: Relook at the game changers. We know technology is one of the game changers but we also know that it if often misunderstood and with each wave of new understanding the people who don't understand it struggle how to decode the bigger picture. What principles to keep in mind when looking at each new technology that comes into fashion? And beyond technology what are there other aspects one should focus on which will bring about huge results? Its time to reframe and understand the basics of those levers - because once you do, you can make them work for you! 

UK only: Launch Season special price £10/- with £1.75 for UK postal delivery. For delivery out of UK please email us. 

Learn from the best across the spectrum. This book has expertise and wisdom backing it.
Thirty global executives, thought leaders and experts were invited to collaborate and contribute towards the research. Here are some of them! 

Bruce D Schneider

iPEC Energy Leadership  

Chris Arnold

The Garage

Farrah Qureshi

Global Diversity Practice

Pinky Lilani CBE DL

Women of the Future Award

Moses Ngorima

Gallup Coach

Ade McCormack

Near futurist and digital strategist  

Sally Wilson

Page Executive

Laura Clark

LEC Nutrition

Alice Mackintosh

Nutritional Food Therapist

Leah Gwangwa

Gallup Coach

What are you missing if you don't read it?

"A new age approach to master the science and art of Leadership in the disruptive era."

Andreea Mihalcea, author of Speed Selling

Create momentum, increase performance and produce better quality results....a blueprint for constant success!”

Vladimir Francois, author of Broken Knowledge

Master the art and science of effortless leadership. A must read for 2020.

UK Special launch price. Limited time only.

UK only: Launch Season special price £10/- with £1.75 for UK postal delivery. For delivery out of UK please email us. 

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