Asking the big question - What's next? 

We are a leadership accelerator for FTSE 500 C-suite and Entrepreneurs. We are sector agnostic, what is common is our client minds set  - senior leaders poised to grow their businesses and aspirations exponentially. 

Our operating model offers you choices ​
Customised solution 
The Leadership Accelerator experience is a process of intense, rapid, and immersive coaching, training, mentoring, practicing new mindsets, skills and behaviours which compresses years’ worth of learning-by-doing into just a few months. 
Product choices
Primarily 1:1 confidential sessions, we allow you to choose between 30 - 90 mins sessions. To galvanise your trajectory we offer high impact leadership workshops for your teams. Launching in 2020 are our premium Leadership Program. 
Methodology - our USP!
A judicious mix of practical neuroscience, ancient India wisdom, western leadership coaching and competency frameworks. We also offer specialist support in personal Brand strategy and Board Level Skills training  - a must have for every leader today. 
Our Money back guarantee - our second USP!
We said it. We will stand by it. If you do not see the changes in the first 2-3 sessions, we will repay you back 70% of paid fees.  

Our Summer has been busy


  • On vacation three weeks
  • Design sessions for new products  
  • 27th: Chair IoD Committee meeting - Q4 events


  • 3rd: IoD Inclusivity Special Interest Group

  • 16th: Private workshop Strengths based Leadership  
  • 18th: Imperial collegeValues based leadership in a Digital era


  • 10th: IoD Mansion House Welcome note

  • 13th: Southwark Business Excellence Awards night

  • 17th: IoD CLB Annual Member Meeting Chair

  • 28th: Business Breakfast: Book launch chat


  • 3rd: Train the Coach (Thrive) on Energy Leadership

  • 7th: Radio Show @ 106.5 Book launch talk YouTube

  • 16th: Book launch event hosted by PwN London. 

  • Southwark Business Excellence Awards Judging


  • HULT Business School eMBA Career transition

  • Acting Chair IoD Central London Committee

We are committed to your success

Our exclusivity ensures our full time and attention;  at any given time we work with a few

We do not offer an off the shelf program because we know that one size does not fit all.  We will study your needs in a free confidential Chemistry session where you get a chance to connect with Reena and also she gets a chance to understand your needs. We send you a proposal with a draft suggested approach which we continue to modify and adapt to your progress and growth. 

Diversity in centre-fold in our approach; aimed to help you build new perspectives

Reena comes from a diverse background herself. Born, studied and worked in India, she moved to UK in 2005 and has established herself as C-suite leading global projects like HR Strategy Governance, Diversity and Employee engagement for 26 countries impacting 45000 employees. She has learnt the knack of bringing new perspectives, uncovering new insights and exploring new choices. In her you will find a intuitive listener, challenger, guide and confidential friend.  

Our techniques accelerate; aimed for immediate and long-term impact

All coaching sessions and workshops are highly experiential, intense and designed for high impact that can trigger new mindset opportunities and positive behavioural changes. We ensure sustained momentum through our one-to-one follow-up sessions and it is quite often that clients and teams raise the bar and aspire for/ meet higher goals as they uncover their potential. 

Our collaborative spirit creates a bond for life; after what we achieve together that is an obvious one!

The name ‘The Collaborators’, is not by chance. We see ourselves as your accountability partner and welcome every client as a collaborator; and in our collaboration the coach and client will work towards one objective; achieving the client’s goal. Success is then a matter of 'when,' rather than 'if.' 


We are here to help you at the very point of your need. 

In addition to bespoke 1:1 sessions and high impact team workshops we offer you a diverse mix of solutions 

LEadership programmes - india

A 6 day high end personal growth lab. A life changing experience

On Demand Solutions

You have a busy life. You want an expert sounding board now. Do you have 30 minutes?


Only in Summer months in UK, join us for neuroscience in action. Get answers to your question from the Street

the brilliance quotient

Master the art and science of effortless leadership in a disruptive era


Achieve the unimagined. Contact us

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